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March 2013
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Getting Started on the Clean Program



In my last post, I mentioned that I was starting the Clean Program, a cleanse developed by Dr. Alejandro Junger. I hope that you are thinking of trying it out, as it’s the only cleanse I have found that works and is doable! I recommend getting the book if you plan on doing it, as my explanation does not do it justice. I’m on my second week now, and I feel my body really getting rid of all the junk. I’m feeling OK though!  I’m certainly feeling some detox symptoms—whiteness on my tongue in the mornings, itchy skin, lots of sneezing—but I know this will make the 3rd and final week so much better—when the body starts repairing itself.



Oranges, orange juice, grapefruit, bananas, strawberries, grapes, corn, creamed vegetables, nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes), Dairy, Red meat (other than wild game and lamb), shellfish, and raw meat/fish, All Refined Sugar and Sweeteners (coconut nectar and stevia is OK), caffeine, alcohol, peanuts, soy, gluten, canola oil, and vegetable oil. The idea of the diet is to get rid of highly inflammatory and acidic foods, so that excess mucus in the body will be expelled and your body can heal itself.



Liquid meals (homemade smoothies/juices/soups of your choice from the list of approved foods) will be for breakfast and dinner, so that your body has the time from your dinner to your lunch of the next day to cleanse.

Allow for twelve hours between your first and last meal. So if you have dinner at 7PM, your breakfast is at 7AM.

Make sure you are POOPING. Otherwise you will poison yourself with your own toxins. Put flax in your smoothies if you are having problems. If you are really having issues, try Natural Calm–a magnesium supplement that aids muscle movement and is non habit-forming.

Drink lots of water. You should have to pee every hour.




antibacterial: garlic, olive leaf, or oil of oregano to kill the bad stuff

probiotics to rebuild gut flora (I like metagenics or Udos 8)

liver support, such as NAC or milk thistle




SLEEP. According, to people who did the alcohol rehab in Florida, the cleanse does not work properly if you are not getting enough sleep. Junger recommends to try and get 7 hours a night.

Light exercise is important. If you are going to do heavy exercise, you can have a third smoothie.


Tips for Success:

enroll a friend! It keeps you accountable and provides a recipe-sharing buddy. I’ve already gotten two on board. :)

Do a “pre-cleanse” where you eat three meals, but none on the list above.

Get lots of sleep! If it’s late and you’re hungry, just go to sleep. It will help the process and shut down your temptation to eat.


Good luck and stay tuned for updates! :)