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June 2013
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Easy Cucumber Gazpacho with Creamy Almond Sauce




I love this soup! It has been super hot and humid lately, so an easy gazpacho is a great way to have a satisfying meal and cool down. It’s very easy to make and very delicious. I hope you enjoy it!




1 cucumber

The juice of 1 lime

½ cup grape tomatoes

¼ cup cilantro

¼ cup basil

1 clove of garlic

sea salt and black pepper to taste


Creamy Almond sauce

¼ cup of almonds (you can also add some walnuts as well)

¼ cup of water

1 tablespoon of miso paste

1 clove of garlic

1 teaspoon nutritional yeast (optional, but makes it taste a lot creamier!)



Two slices of tomato, chopped

A few cilantro leaves


Blend the base ingredients together in a high power blender until the consistency is thick and smooth. If your blender is a bit weaker, you might need to add some water. Pour out the mixture into serving bowls and rinse out the blender. Blend ingredients for the creamy almond sauce, adding more water if necessary. Blend until very smooth. Using a tablespoon, place dime size drops of the creamy almond sauce into the individual bowls. Top it off by placing the chopped tomatoes and cilantro leaves in the center as a garnish.


Happy eating!


Eating While Flying




What a week. Yesterday was my 25th birthday (feeling the quarter-life crisis coming on…LOL) and I’ve been up and running since Friday seeing all of my wonderful friends and family who have been celebrating with me. I have tried so many new amazing vegan and gluten free dishes that I can’t wait to share with you!

But for now, I’ve been getting some questions about how to stay healthy while travelling, particularly while flying. While some of my blog posts address healthy travel, the airplane is a unique beast. You’re up in the sky, with no vegan restaurant in sight, and with airplane food that is quite less than desirable. Eeek! But never fear—you will be OK. Just follow my tips!

If you can help it, bring all your own food. Airplane food is way over processed and high in sodium and who knows what else. And to make matters worse, your immune system will already be compromised while you’re up in the air because your body becomes pressurized. Here are the essentials to bring on a flight.


When you’re in a rush

An Avocado (or two…)

Avocados can be found anywhere, and are calorically dense enough to fill you up with very little prep. On top of that they’ve got plenty of brain enhancing, skin plumping, delicious good fats. If you are really in a bind and the only thing you can bring is an avocado, you can always ask for 2-3 of the side salads and then top it off with avocado to make for a filling lunch.



Nature’s fast food! It’s sold everywhere and is portable. The only problem is sugar content–especially if you’re going to be seated for a long time and not expending a lot of energy.  I like to bring a large bowl of cut up berries and pineapples, since they are a bit lower on sugar.



Super easy and sold pretty much everywhere—airports usually have large bags of nuts for sale. I would go for raw almonds or walnuts instead of nuts like peanuts or cashews. You definitely want to stay away from peanuts because most contain alfatoxins, which produce a significant amount of mold.


When you have time to prepare

Mary’s Gone Krackers

It’s pretty unlikely that airports will have these for sale, but if you have some time beforehand you can order them online or get them at your local health food store. These crackers are completely gluten-free, vegan, and minimally processed. But be careful—they are super addicting!


A large salad

For me, this is usually key. The people around you are going to be eating full airplane meals, so you will probably feel deprived if all you have are snacks. The last time I went on a plane to San Francisco, I brought a huge salad with raw sauerkraut, kale, avocado, dulse, apple cider vinegar, lemon, and nutritional yeast. The woman sitting next to me was so intrigued that I offered her a bite and she loved it! I will be posting a few salad recipes next week—like my summer seaweed salad—that are easy to make and absolutely delicious.

Are you trying to find good flights at low prices? check out Costa Rica’s Aerobell Airlines.


Quinoa Flakes or Gluten-Free Oats

This is a quick and easy meal that you only need hot water to make. I like to mix it up with some sweet leaf stevia, cinnamon, and a few almonds or walnuts.


Ginger and Mint

You’re going to be in a new place and your body is going to go through some major adjustments. I know whenever I go to a new place or am going through a life change, the first part of my body to notice is my digestive system. That’s why I like to keep ginger and mint close by so I can chew on it to help everything go down a little bit easier. You can either get them whole and put ginger shavings and the leaf in hot water, or buy some bagged teas.


Other Things to Do 

Drink LOTS of water. Buy your own water bottle before getting on the plane because we all know how stingy flights can be with their water!

Get up and go for a walk around the plane. Sitting for that long is not good for you.

Hope this helps. For more tips, scroll down to the “travel” category on the right side of the page.


Summer Loves


inner eco


What happened to summer being for relaxing? Between clerkship applications, interning, and doing some extra legal work on the side, there’s been little room for play this summer. As a result, my blogging has fallen super behind—I’m sorry, guys. Remember though, if you like my facebook page, you’ll get more updates on what I’m eating and interesting food news, even when I’m not posting here. But enough with the excuses. Now I want to talk about shopping — FOOD SHOPPING that is. I’ve discovered a few great products these past few weeks that I want to share with you. I’ve been pretty stressed out, so these products have kept my body from going completely out of whack under pressure.

(Please note that I am not being paid to market any of these…I’ve just been using the little spare time I have for experimentation and wanted to share with you)


CocoYo and Coconut Kefir 

cocoyo6 =


Ever since eating at Sun in Bloom in Park Slope, I’ve been dying to have coconut yogurt at home that isn’t full of sugar or preservatives. After searching pretty much every Whole Foods and health food store in NYC, I finally searched online and found this stuff. It’s delicious! It tastes like yogurt, with a little bit of a tangy flavor, and is made of coconut meat, coconut water, and stevia. I like it because it’s a great way to get tons of probiotics without taking a supplement. Between that and the liquid Coconut Kefir Water that I’ve been drinking, I haven’t had to take probiotics.


Yellow Dockroot Powder

yellow dockroot

A friend recommended that I take this as a good blood cleanser, and I love it. Yellow dockroot is an herb that acts as a liver protector and antioxidant. It has a bit of a grassy taste, but it’s also very earthy, which I find comforting right before bed. I’ve been putting about a teaspoon in hot water every night and it gives me a feeling of grounding and calm.


Black Rice



OK, I might be a little late on the black rice train, but this stuff is delicious! It has a bit of a nuttier flavor than brown rice, and it’s much more filling than quinoa or millet. Not only is black rice delicious, it also has as many antioxidants as blueberries and acai. I’ve been eating it with steamed broccoli, a little bit of coconut oil, and sea salt. YUMMY.


Alright it’s time for me to drink some tea and get some shut eye.

Mint-chocolate Breakfast Smoothie


mint smoothie

Today is the first day of my big 2L summer internship. For those of you who are not in the law school bubble, this is kind of a big scary deal! How I perform at the firm this summer is crucial–as it could determine whether or not I have a job offer post-graduation. But I’ll be OK–I’ve got my mint chocolate goodness here to keep me fueled and focused. This lovely smoothie tastes like a mint-chocolate girl scout cookie (without the GMOs or artificial ingredients) and has been doing a great job of waking me up in the mornings. I hope you enjoy it!



1 large fistful of mint leaves

1 tablespoon of carob or cacao powder

5 ice cubes

1 cup of coconut milk

1 teaspoon of coconut nectar (optional–you can also use 1-2 dates or a teaspoon of honey)

1 tablespoon of chia seeds (optional)

Blend together on high speed. Garnish with a mint leaf. Enjoy!