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My Morning Routine For Focus and Energy


Hi all!

I’m very excited today to show you my morning routine for focus and energy via my very first VIDEO BLOG!!!! You’ll have to forgive me, as I’m a bit new at this; some of the sound is a little off. Let me know what you think!


The nutritionist I mention is named Barbara Mendez. You can visit her blog at She’s great!

Summary of the Things I take Everyday

Hot Water with Lemon and Cayenne Pepper to keep my digestive system moving

A Multi Enzyme for digestion

Probiotics to replace good bacteria that has been destroyed by antibiotics

L-Glutamine to rebuild the intestinal lining

B-12 and B Complex for cardiovascular health, energy, and memory

L-Tyrosine for focus

NAC for skin and congestion

Olive Leaf for immunity

What are some of your morning routines?

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