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What’s Wrong With Naked Juice?




I know in a lot of these posts I’ve been giving information about the health benefits of juices and smoothies. However, juices like Naked Juice do not count. Drinking these beverages does not give you the same benefits as does drinking homemade juices and smoothies, and probably causes more harm than good. Here are some reasons to stay away.


Homemade smoothies and juices are good for your body primarily because they give it all the living enzymes that help digestion and detoxification. Juices like Naked and Odwalla are heated above 110%, killing all of the good enzymes and many of the nutrients that the juices would have without them. What you’re left with is a sugary drink depleted of all its helpful nutrients. No thank you!

Sugar Rush

Look at the back of the label….28 grams of sugar. And that’s only in one serving—meaning half of a bottle! That means one bottle of naked juice goes over what your daily value of sugar should be. Not to mention that this sugar—unlike the sugar that comes from natural, whole fruits—does not have any real fiber. As a result, all of the sugar goes straight to your blood stream, spiking insulin levels and leaving you with a sugar crash and with extra hunger an hour later.

All Natural=Not So Natural

Naked juice prides itself on being “all natural.” In fact, it even boasts “natural flavors” on its ingredients list. However what most people do not know is that “natural flavors” usually means “not so natural.” Large flavoring companies extract flavors from natural sources and bring them back to large laboratories in order to mimic the flavor using chemicals. Such “natural flavors” have addictive properties that are purposefully put into several food and drink products in order to keep us wanting more. To see more on this, check out this 60 Minutes special on how Giavaudan, a large flavoring company, goes through this process.

You May Not Be Drinking What You Think

There is current research that indicates that despite Naked’s claims that the drink has no additives, thereare genetically modified organisms in the drink. These include synthetic fibers, soy lecithin, and several other ingredients that the company deceptively hides on its packaging. To learn more about this, check out this class action that has been filed against them.

These juices may seem great on their surface—“all natural,” “no added sugars,” “equivalent to a full serving of fruits and vegetables”—but looks are deceiving. That’s why it’s so important to take an active role in choosing what goes into your body. With all of the food and drink companies that try to trick us with deceptive labeling, its up to you and only you to take control of your health. So pass by that bottle of not-so-Naked juice and opt for water with lemon, whole fruit, or freshly pressed juice from a health food store instead!


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